Decoupage Workshop Part 2  - 25th April 2017

Decoupage Workshop Part 2 - 25th April 2017


This workshop will run from 6.45-10.15pm.

Our Decoupage Workshops are the latest to be added and are proving to be very popular. You will be addicted.  It helps to have attended our Decoupage Part 1 as we build on previously learnt techniques from that workshop. The techniques we use are:

• Decoupage
• Craqueleur

We also further our skills learnt in Part 1 by discussing colour, form and composition. 

For this Workshop participants are free to  choose their objects they want to work on and  work with Kathy on a more one to one basis. Everything  is included in this price including refreshments and tales of Michael's many DIY disasters.

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